I recommend booking your appointment at far in advance as possible, especially in the summer months. But I am more than happy to accept appointments within a week if the time is available.  Feel free to call us at 832-736-3672 or use our contact form. 
Yes. Yes it is. But that’s OK. As a former Scuba Instructor I am used to coaching and guiding people in the water, making them comfortable. And most importantly, keeping clients safe.
Well, that depends on what we are shooting and the looks we are going for. A consultation will answer this question in depth. 
Absolutely! I usually prefer this option so you can be closer to home for outfit changes, dry towels, restrooms, and it tends to make you more relaxed.
I have worked with 2 year olds to 60 year olds. I can do older, but try to stay away from younger. If your 1 year old can survival swim, we can discuss it.

Usually not. But that cannot be guaranteed. I haven’t seen anything get wet that can’t be recovered after some drying, dry cleaning, or a run through the washer. I have seen expensive wedding dress get dunked for a few hours, and come out identical how they went in.

Keep in mind though cardboard, leather, and paper products will never make it out alive. (I offer no guarantees  assurances, or reimbursements for damages to personal items brought underwater.) 

You have choices on this one. I can provide a make-up artist for a small fee, or you can purchase waterproof makeup from your prefered retailer. As far as application, we can discuss that during our consultation based on colors, and the look we’re are trying to achieve
How do you normally wear it? I usually say straight or curly. But never in a ponytail. I can also provide a hair stylist for a small fee, who will style your hair perfectly for for our shoot. And we have some “tricks” to really get it flowing. 
That is a trade secret. I will help pose and guide every step of the way during our photoshoot.
Not really. But you should be comfortable being in the water. We can do stuff in the shallow end. As long as you can keep your head out of water on your own, everything will be fine. Just be sure to share this information with me during your consultation.
Absolutely! The equipment I use is all rated for scuba diving and has depth limits around 130′  and I am willing to travel. (Travel fees are extra)
I would say yes. The burning feeling is usually temporary and has no long term consequences. But you should talk to your doctor if you think there is a medical issue or special circumstances. You are in charge during our shoot. If you want to stop during the shoot, we will stop. It’s that easy. I want to make sure you are safe and relaxed during our shoot. 
Thats a tough one. I expect to get no less than 3 gorgeous images from a 2 hour shoot. While I may be very experienced, the client usually is not. We have a lot of variables to deal with like hair, eyes, bubbles, clothing, cheeks (looking like a chipmunk from holding your breath), floating, etc. Getting ALL these items to fall into place perfectly takes time. While I have walked away with 30 stunning images from a 2 hour shoot, I plan on getting an absolute minimum of 3, or staying until we do.